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YouTube Link Today we examine the practices of Mantle grabbing, also known as Grave soaking, and the supposed use of occult practice as a form of outreach by a group known as Chris... Taking a look at the NAR's long history of overlooking serious character issues along with significant mishandling of the Word of God in favor of what ... Taking a little time to answer some of the questions I have received over the last few weeks about spiritual gifts Examining two of the dangerous doctrines being pushed by the NAR and other Hyper-Charismatic movements Looking at the principles taught in the 7 mountain mandate. Sorry about the audio, the issue has been fixed. Looking into the issues surrounding dominion theology and the 7 mountain mandate Today we look into the issues surrounding groups like the NAR and the Hyper-Pentecostal movements. episode is an introduction to a series on Pagan and Eastern Mystic practices working their way into the church.

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